The Plot Twists of American Horror Story

The FX television show American Horror Story reviewed 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb website. The gist of the first season called Murder House was how the Harmon family faced many conflicts moving into their new home. Ben Harmon has an affair with a younger woman in his house and when his wife Vivian … [Read more...]

Malala Yousafzai wins nobel peace prize-at age 17

Think back to 2012...remember Malala Yousafzai? Remember when she was shot by the Taliban and was not expected to live? Yousafzai lived, and she has achieved a great deal of success since then. It was Oct. 6, 2012 when Yousafzai was returning home on her school bus, and a gunman from the Taliban … [Read more...]

Annabelle; based on a terrifying true story

  The smash hit motion picture The Conjuring is about a family that has an evil entity inside the mother and how the family was saved by demonologists. The movie Annabelle is based off of a true story about a demonic doll that has left on the terrifying memories of moviegoers across the world. … [Read more...]

Later school start times have no benefit

Later schools start times may have no benefit. There have been many studies conducted disproving the few studies of the National Sleep Foundation and the American academy of pediatrics suggesting teen needs 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep per night. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is more than sufficient. Optimal … [Read more...]

Girls’ Cross Country Team Undefeated for 7 Years

It may come as no to surprise to those familiar with York Suburban’s excellent athletic performance and sportsmanship: the girls’ cross-country team, as of this season, will be undefeated for seven years. It is clear that their success, however, comes from much more than physical strength and end … [Read more...]

Tagan Lehr: Homecoming Queen 2014

Homecoming- for Tagan Lehr (Senior), things altered for her after being nominated and then crowned as homecoming queen for this year. Lehr the science and math loving student, loves meeting new people and playing sports here at YS. She is a member of the field hockey team along with a being a member … [Read more...]

Work Out or Shut Down?

Currently at York Suburban High School, students who play sports still have to attend formal physical education regardless of the amount and intensity of their sports workouts, and practices. The question is, is it fair? I believe so. The response seems to vary from student to student, and … [Read more...]

Never fear, the guidance office is here

Tired of confusion regarding guidance office deadlines and announcements? Missed News Link during advisory? Forgot the date of the PSAT? Look no further -- the guidance office is here to help. As guidance counselors seek to better inform the York Suburban Community of important dates and events, … [Read more...]

Changes coming to the schedule

With the 2013-2014 school year coming to an end, some changes to the schedule are bound to be on the horizon according to guidance counselor Karen James. After speaking with school administration, it was discovered that the changes are not limited to just the schedule. James also said there will … [Read more...]

Teachers prepare their students for Keystone Exams

The Keystone Assessments approached fast this year. The testing started Tuesday, May 13th and ran until Friday, May 16th. Since these tests are graduation requirements for the freshman, the teachers and students have been getting ready for these all year. Most teachers are hectically preparing … [Read more...]