College costs continue to rise

by Ariel Rivera Colleges are slowly getting more expensive every year and more people are falling into debt. According to Business Insider, “the average cost of tuition and fees increased by more than 3%.” America is heavily in debt at an astounding 1.5 trillion dollars according to For … [Read more...]

New Faces Join YSHS

by Steven Agapis To start off the 2019-2020 school year off,  we have to get to know some of the new faces around the building.  After three years at the York Suburban Middle School Joshua Fisher, an integrated science teacher is familiar with many students currently in high … [Read more...]

White Out scheduled for Thursday

by Alex Probert The White Out game is a York Suburban boys’ volleyball fundraiser. Every year, the boys’ volleyball team has a fundraiser for numerous amounts of people and different events. Last year, the volleyball team had the Grey Out, but switched it back to the White Out this year to keep th … [Read more...]

Dominic Corto passes Mailman for all-time lacrosse points

by Ben Rohrbaugh March 25, 2019 marked a time of celebration for the York Suburban boys’ lacrosse team. The Trojans hosted a game against New Oxford, which ended in a win. This was not the only great thing that happened. Junior Dominic Corto surpassed Colin Mailman, a current Division 1 lacrosse p … [Read more...]

Memorial Hospital Relocates

by Leandra DaFonseca Memorial Hospital first opened in 1945 then the hospital was then bought by PinnacleHealth in 2017. The same year PinnacleHealth became a part of UPMC health creating UMPC Pinnacle. UPMC Pinnacle Memorial, formerly known as Memorial Hospital, is currently located on 325 S. … [Read more...]

$1.53 Billion Still on The Loose

by Kiyanna Dowling In Columbia, South Carolina the lottery ticket for the jackpot of $1.54 billion has been bought, but no one has come forward to claim their winnings. This money would not only benefit the winner but their entire state too. This has made a lot of people to wonder as to why no … [Read more...]

El Chapo: Finally Convicted After 18 Years on the Run

by Fio del Pielago On February 12, 2019, Joaquín Guzmán Loera, or more famously known as “El Chapo,” was finally convicted of 10 counts of international distribution of an estimated 200 tons of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana to the U.S. Most people, such as Freshman Lyly Nguyen, i … [Read more...]

New Teacher Joins English Department

by Lauren Albarran The second semester has been full of fresh new faces that many of us may not recognize. Of those faces, there has been a very new face that you have probably seen lingering around the English wing. “Who is he?”, you might ask. T.J. Lantz is one of our very new English teachers h … [Read more...]

Bullying in West York School District

by Sara Tran In December, an unnamed student of the West York School District shared that she has been physically bullied by seven other students on her bus ride home. This situation also concerns other parents that want to protect their kids, who were bullied as well within the district. This … [Read more...]

2019 Winter Weather  

  by Madelyn Glennon The 2019 winter has been full of rain, sub-zero wind chills, ice, snow, and freezing cold temperatures followed by sunny days. Cities throughout the country have experienced extraordinarily cold temperatures and dangerous conditions. The Northern part of the nation … [Read more...]