Impact Foundation helps YS community

by Alex Probert There are many things that York Suburban does to help others. One of these things being the Impact Foundation, a “students helping students” organization. The Impact Foundation is known for providing aid and help across the YS community. Senior Olivia Pindzola the president of t … [Read more...]

Mr. Petersen Shares His Backstory

By Sara Tran Students walk in and out of their classrooms every day without a single thought of how one of their most favorite or least favorite teachers became the mentor they are today. One of those teachers is English teacher Rich Petersen. Petersen has been teaching for about 22 years and … [Read more...]

Dominic Corto passes Mailman for all-time lacrosse points

by Ben Rohrbaugh March 25, 2019 marked a time of celebration for the York Suburban boys’ lacrosse team. The Trojans hosted a game against New Oxford, which ended in a win. This was not the only great thing that happened. Junior Dominic Corto surpassed Colin Mailman, a current Division 1 lacrosse p … [Read more...]

Triggs to retire

by Michaela Trotter Tom Triggs is a retiring government teacher/ basketball coach who prides himself on teaching students how to survive in the real world. He has been at York Suburban High School for 26 years. Triggs has put his time and effort into making sure the next generation can thrive in … [Read more...]

Opinion: Captain Marvel Movie Review

by Simone Williams A new movie has recently been added to the Marvel universe installments, Captain Marvel was released on March 8, 2019 and has had quite the impact on the box office. The movie made $524.1 million dollars worldwide. The movie is centered around a young woman named Vers, who … [Read more...]

The Cost of College

by Ariel Rivera College is a place where some kids dream of going; however, there are other students who do not go. Is it because of all the schooling before college? Or is because the cost is too much to afford? Some people have careers they need to go to college for to get the degree to go … [Read more...]

Copper Crust continues to grow and improve

  by Rachael Lynch The Copper Crust is a local bakery and cafe located at 966 South George Street. They offer a wide variety of delicious delicacies, from pastries, to sandwiches. Owners Sean and Nicolle Austin started their business in 2012 by opening a stand in Central Market. … [Read more...]

MiniThon 2019

by Michaela Trotter MiniThon was a fundraiser that raised money for families in need whose child suffers from cancer. MiniThon takes the money made from MiniThon and helps multiple families in any ways that they can. The overnight event had some new exciting things going on this year. Senior … [Read more...]

Poll: Do you believe people should stand for the pledge?

Junior Dominique Corto said, “It is Your Personal Choice”. Junior Rafael Simmons said, “Yes because it shows respect for the people who have died and for everything we have overcome as a country.”   Junior Alexis Carbough said, “Yes because it is respectful.” Senior Kylie St … [Read more...]

New Teacher Joins English Department

by Lauren Albarran The second semester has been full of fresh new faces that many of us may not recognize. Of those faces, there has been a very new face that you have probably seen lingering around the English wing. “Who is he?”, you might ask. T.J. Lantz is one of our very new English teachers h … [Read more...]