Elective Choices

Here at YSHS, students are able to choose which electives that they are interested in or try ones that they are interested in. There are many electives to choose from, for example, some are categorized in art, music, world language, family and consumer science and others. In art, someone might … [Read more...]

Autism walk

As part of the Autism Expo, an event put on by Autism York, Best Buddies participated in the Autism Walk. The walk took place on April 11 at Central York High School. Adviser Neil Gutekunst said, “Autism is a condition that can make social interactions and friendships difficult, and that is what B … [Read more...]

YS alumnus inspires the art department

On Wednesday, May 6, the National Art Honor Society hosted alumnus Adrienne Stein as a guest speaker in the auditorium. Since her graduation in 2004, Stein has become a seasoned artist, now living and working in Wrightsville, PA. Stein’s speech began with a nostalgic story recalling the i … [Read more...]

Students get lost in the Roaring 20’s

  On Monday, May 4 tickets for York Suburban’s 2015 prom went on sale in senior class adviser Joan Hammond’s room. Students frantically made there way to her room so that they could assure that they would have perfect seats for this night to remember. Tickets went on sale for 50 dol … [Read more...]

Spanish trip to D.C.

On Monday, March 30, students from Spanish IV and Spanish V, visited Washington D.C. Michael Coy, a Spanish 1 and 2 teacher, said, “The purpose was to show the students all of the Spanish connections to Washington D.C and our nation.”They went on this trip for students to start speaking spanish out o … [Read more...]

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Welcomed Home

Back in 2009, during war in Afghanistan sergeant Bowe Bergdahl went missing from his platoon. He has spent 5 grueling years, captivated by the enemies soldiers. Many in his platoon, even to this day, claim that he abandoned his platoon, costing many of them their lives. Others claim he is a hero. … [Read more...]

Oathout’s Freedom Writers Publish

English teacher Marcella Oathout’s 2014 and 2015 students have once again accumulated their anonymous journal entries to publish the short book In Our Own Words: Volume 2. Oathout’s students watched the movie Freedom Writers in class. In the movie, students from a troubled neighborhood keep jou … [Read more...]

Herb Schmidt Relays Run by Again

This year, the Herb Schmidt relays, the annual track invitational, were again held at York Suburban High School on April 17 where many teams came together to compete. This year was the 56th annual event of the Herb Schmidt relays. The event started in 1960 and is named after the man himself, Herb … [Read more...]

What’s Been Growing in the Green Club?

Did you know that about sixty million plastic bottles end up in landfills every day? That is a total of twenty two billion bottles a year! It is easy to see how much plastic we waste; however, the York Suburban Green Club has been working on a project that solely uses plastic, in hopes of preventing … [Read more...]

Battling the Baltimore Riots

In the United States, there have been many cases made against police regarding excessive brutality that has led to death and severe injuries. A young man named Freddie Gray was a victim of this supposed police brutality. After Gray was put into the squad car, the police neglected to buckle him … [Read more...]