The Domination of YS Track

by Ben Rohrbaugh Success is an expectation at York Suburban. Being successful in the classroom, being successful on the sports field. Each sport team has some degree of success. In specific, the school track team has success, lots of success. The boys’ track team had a record of 6-1 this y … [Read more...]

Dominic Corto passes Mailman for all-time lacrosse points

by Ben Rohrbaugh March 25, 2019 marked a time of celebration for the York Suburban boys’ lacrosse team. The Trojans hosted a game against New Oxford, which ended in a win. This was not the only great thing that happened. Junior Dominic Corto surpassed Colin Mailman, a current Division 1 lacrosse p … [Read more...]

Zion Williamson

by Ben Rohrbaugh February 20, 2019: Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, North Carolina. The Duke Blue Devils were set to host their arch rival, “the North Carolina Tar Heels”, in one of the most anticipated games in college basketball this season. Although each ticket was priced at 2 grand, every sea … [Read more...]

Freshman wrestlers dominate

The Fab 5 Wrestlers: Noah Rice, Zach Emory, Jamal Lewis, Quez Dillon, and Bryson Nedigh (pictured from left to right) by Ben Rohrbaugh Suburban has a rich history of success. Greatness has been found all over the program, especially on the wrestling mat. This year, a group of new and young … [Read more...]

The 2018-19 Boys’ Basketball Season Ends on Disappointing Note

by Michaela Trotter The 2018-19 boys’ basketball season was a year filled with promise and determination. One of the star basketball players sophomore Aidan Hughley said, “The basketball season was a should have, could have, would have season. It was a ‘what if’ season but had a lot of improve … [Read more...]

Patriots dominate in low-scoring Super Bowl

Julian Edelman, MVP of the Super Bowl, hoists the trophy after New England won 13-3. by Benjamin Rohrbaugh Super LIII (53) was one for the ages, kind of. The contest, which was played last Sunday, was between the NFC Champions, Los Angeles Rams and the defending AFC Champions New England … [Read more...]

Women Paid Much Less Than Male Athletes in the Sports Industry

By Will McGowan The sports industry has always been keen on spotlighting the games involving males. Legends such as Stephen Curry and Clayton Kershaw dominant their respective sports leagues by gaining immense salaries every year. Over 35 million dollars are paid to Kershaw alone, while Curry … [Read more...]

Susquehannock Basketball Player is Young but Unstoppable

by Kenzie Park-Hubb Jarace Walker, an 8th grade basketball player from Susquehannock, is not like most players of his age. He is in the Top 10 nationally ranked players for his age group. At 6 foot 5 inches, he is the tallest player on his team. Walker also has said that he has the biggest … [Read more...]

Swim Team Wins Another Division Title

by Madeline Abel February 1 was a big night for the York Suburban Swim Team. It started out as just senior night, but throughout the season grew to be the final division meet that would determine who would win the division title. The boys’ and girls’ team fought hard for the past 3 months to w … [Read more...]

Boys bounce back into tennis season

by Madeline Abel The girls' tennis team had a great season in the fall, but now, it’s time for the boys to shine as their new season begins. Last year, the boys had a very good season and hope to continue their success into this year. On Wednesday, March 22, the boys’ team had a match aga … [Read more...]