A look back at the 2018-2019 school year

by Kiyanna Dowling The 2018-2019 school year is quickly reaching its end. School for all students ends on June 3, but seniors, are counting down the days until May 28. AP tests are coming, senior projects are due, research papers, and more. Students are in a frenzy to maintain their grades, … [Read more...]

Senior Projects in motion

by Ajae Manning Senior CP English classes spent the semester completing senior projects that tie the literature they read to issues in our community. Senior projects are organized in order to help people around the community. The funds for the projects go to organizations that take donations. … [Read more...]

Advice for underclassmen

by Ajae Manning Going through four years of high school can be hard, but learning how to direct oneself through it can ease the challenges of going there. The best advice is usually given by the seniors because they have been in highschool for the full four years and have the most experience. … [Read more...]

Students Rally Interest in Charitable Events

by Alex Probert There are many ways students try to be involved with their community. From joining different types of organizations to creating one, it seems like students are starting to get it. Students are realizing that getting involved with the community goes a long way. Sophomore Ruby … [Read more...]

Freshmen take on Keystone Tests

by Ben Rohrbaugh Last week, the freshmen class took the Keystone tests. Some students took the Algebra 1 Keystone and the biology, while most just took the biology test. The Keystones are state required tests that show the student’s progress throughout the year; passing these tests is required … [Read more...]

Diversity Week promotes acceptance

  By: Sara Tran Diversity week is an important, week-long event that celebrates the diverse student body at the school. It lasted from April 22 to April 26, of 2019. The event allows students to recognize the cultural diversities in the school and pay respect to others who seem like they … [Read more...]

Boat races test physics knowledge

According to Mr. Peace, for 17 years the York Suburban science department has been giving students the opportunity to build a boat entirely out of cardboard and duct tape. Last Friday was the day of the boat races, and every student participating in the boat races was expected to be in the pool … [Read more...]

Upcoming Changes to Student Council

  By Fio del Pielago Student council at York Suburban has changed significantly over the years, especially when Mini-THON became such a popular event. Hoping to return to its roots, student council has major changes this upcoming school year that will directly affect the student body, one … [Read more...]

The Domination of YS Track

by Ben Rohrbaugh Success is an expectation at York Suburban. Being successful in the classroom, being successful on the sports field. Each sport team has some degree of success. In specific, the school track team has success, lots of success. The boys’ track team had a record of 6-1 this y … [Read more...]

Student-athletes offer advice on overcoming obstacles

by Ariel Rivera Being a student in high school can be hard at times whether it is trying to get grades up or playing sports. It is a student’s responsibility whether they play sports or not to keep grades up, but that can be stressful especially if there is a big project and they have a game to p … [Read more...]