The Winter to come is arriving with a blistering chill

by Ariel Rivera Many people and reporters are already saying that this upcoming winter is going to be a cold and rough. Now, while winter may be a fun with snow in the forecast, and holidays just around the corner, the snow and cold cause problems for many people.  Pennsylvania is testing … [Read more...]

New Ice Cold Drink at YSHS

By Steven Agapis Slushies are one of the favorite treats in the YSHS cafeteria. Ever since the machines have been put in, students line up to get the sugary treat. Although most slushies are considered unhealthy, they are still considered a fruit at YSHS.  Even though slushies are … [Read more...]

YS Students Make a Prom V. 2

by Kiyanna Dowling Ever since the passing of the school’s homecoming in October, an ongoing rumor of a second prom referred to as “Prom V.2” has gone throughout the school. Students had many different opinions about homecoming. Some students enjoyed the enforced rules about dancing and expec … [Read more...]

Gold Out raises money for MiniThon

by Niyah Rose  Chris Millard was 11 years old when he was first diagnosed with cancer. Shortly before he lost his three-year battle with cancer, he wrote a story about a great knight who sought out the four diamonds of courage, wisdom, honesty, and strength, in order to be released from the … [Read more...]

Administrators uphold dance expectations

by Molly Preston For the past couple of years here at York Suburban High School, there has been an ever-increasing protest against the terms of the dance expectations. Students normally engage in front-to-back dancing in a large “pack”. The administration seemed to let this slide in years past; ho … [Read more...]

Soccer team scores successful season

By Tyren Posey The boys’ soccer team had a winning season this year. In their 18 regular-season games, the team finished with a 12-4-2 record which was good enough to place them in the top ten for power rankings.  The boys played Dallastown in the first round of counties and lost 2-0. T … [Read more...]

Students’ love-hate relationship with ChromeBooks

by Steven Agapis ChromeBooks are a big factor in our educational lives. Some students enjoy them outside of school, some only use them inside of school, and others dislike their ChromeBooks.  Freshman Alex Kefauver said,  “I use it at school almost the entire day, and for my h … [Read more...]

Athletes feel inequity

by  Michaela Trotter York Suburban High School prides itself on having a wide variety of sports.  Some students at York Suburban do not consider certain activities to be sports like cheerleading, field hockey, or softball just to name a few. Whether it be physical disrespect  or … [Read more...]

The benefit of free healthcare, and why America does not have it

by Ariel Rivera Free health care has been in conversation nationally and is heavily desired by many Americans.  Americans all throughout the country are struggling to pay their medical bills and insurance which results in people spending thousands a year. The average U.S. consumer can … [Read more...]

Suburban’s Athletic Scholars

by Kiyanna Dowling The York Suburban class of 2020 has a lot of musically, artistically, and academically gifted seniors. Within this class is a group of athletically gifted seniors including Garth Barclay, Dominic Corto, and Rachel Ludwick.  These are just a select few seniors who have … [Read more...]