Welcome New and Re-Elected Board Members!

Standing (left to right): Elise Atkinson (Student Representative), James R. Sanders, Steven P. Scalet, Richard M. Robinson, Michael J. Thoman, Kenneth H. Watts, Seated: Ellen Freireich, John H. Posenau (President), Lois Ann Schroeder (Vice President), Joel L. Sears (Treasurer)

Four citizens of the York Suburban School District took the oath of office Monday evening, December 4 to serve as school board directors for the next four years. Mr. James Sanders, Mr. Steven Scalet and Mr. Kenneth Watts, joined re-elected board member Mrs. Ellen Freireich, in volunteering their services to the students, families, and staff of the district. Mr. Sanders, Mr. Scalet, and Mr. Watts currently have children attending our schools and value the quality educational programs, services, and opportunities provided by the York Suburban School District. Mrs. Freireich saw her children graduate from YSHS well prepared for life after high school and maintains a high level of commitment and involvement in all facets of the school district – both curricular and extracurricular.

The new board members bring a wealth of professional experiences to the school board.They have owned their own businesses, worked in higher education, practice law, worked in local government and for a local not-for-profit organization. Their personal experiences in education, business, and government will enable them to provide valuable input for the functions of school board, including setting policy, building a fiscally-sound budget, and hiring and working with a new superintendent.

Please join me in thanking these individuals for making a commitment to serve the York Suburban community.