Winter Concerts Highlight District Talent

Submitted by York Suburban Music Department

All of the York Suburban buildings were filled with beautiful holiday sounds as the York Suburban Music Department celebrated the holiday season! The concerts featured all of the elementary, middle school, and high school performing groups.  We wish you a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

The music department would also like to congratulate the following high school students on representing York Suburban at the PMEA District 7 festivals:  

Atom Weiler- chorus

Julian Gifford-Mahany–clarinet

Bella Spadotto–bass clarinet

Zoe Prats–cello

Kiera Clifford–viola

Welcome New and Re-Elected Board Members!

Standing (left to right): Elise Atkinson (Student Representative), James R. Sanders, Steven P. Scalet, Richard M. Robinson, Michael J. Thoman, Kenneth H. Watts, Seated: Ellen Freireich, John H. Posenau (President), Lois Ann Schroeder (Vice President), Joel L. Sears (Treasurer)

Four citizens of the York Suburban School District took the oath of office Monday evening, December 4 to serve as school board directors for the next four years. Mr. James Sanders, Mr. Steven Scalet and Mr. Kenneth Watts, joined re-elected board member Mrs. Ellen Freireich, in volunteering their services to the students, families, and staff of the district. Mr. Sanders, Mr. Scalet, and Mr. Watts currently have children attending our schools and value the quality educational programs, services, and opportunities provided by the York Suburban School District. Mrs. Freireich saw her children graduate from YSHS well prepared for life after high school and maintains a high level of commitment and involvement in all facets of the school district – both curricular and extracurricular.

The new board members bring a wealth of professional experiences to the school board.They have owned their own businesses, worked in higher education, practice law, worked in local government and for a local not-for-profit organization. Their personal experiences in education, business, and government will enable them to provide valuable input for the functions of school board, including setting policy, building a fiscally-sound budget, and hiring and working with a new superintendent.

Please join me in thanking these individuals for making a commitment to serve the York Suburban community.


Consider Tribute Cards for the Holidays


Looking for a special way to express gratitude to a supportive YS teacher, staff member, administrator or volunteer? York Suburban Education Foundation Tribute Cards can be given at any time throughout the year; a special way to acknowledge a staff member during the holiday season, for his/her birthday or other special occasion, an end of year recognition or just for outstanding performance. Tribute Cards are at least $5 and funds raised are returned to the York Suburban School District through grants for innovative programs as well as support for the YSEF Endowment. Last week, Tribute Card forms were distributed to elementary school students and are also available for anyone to purchase online at

History Comes Alive at Indian Rock Elementary

Submitted by Mrs. Stephanie Crumbling

American history came to life at Indian Rock Elementary School on December 8. Students in Mrs. Crumbling’s and Mrs. Guyer’s fifth grade Social Studies classes learned about the American Revolution through a variety of activities, including being “taxed” using M & M’s. Next, students created a Google Docs slide for each of the events leading up to and including the war. Students identified the when, where, who, what, and why of each event to create a chronological timeline. Students then wrote scripts and created performances, complete with costumes and props, for their assigned event. Finally, each event of the Revolution was brought to life in a dramatic, sometimes humorous, performance for parents and guests. We represent AMERICA!

Imagine Learning Honors Elementary Student

Valley View Elementary was proud to welcome Bogdan Naskovic from Imagine Learning on Friday, December 15. Mr. Naskovic honored Valeria Sandoval-Hernandez for going above and beyond in her work on the Imagine Learning program, led by Mrs. Sallie Spanswick, Language Instruction Educational Program(LIEP) teacher. Valeria was rewarded with a certificate, Kindle Fire, and solar powered backpack. Mr. Naskovic presented the award in Valeria’s class, which provided a teachable moment for all students to hear about hard work, effort, and growth mindset. Congratulations, Valeria Sandoval-Hernandez!

Third Grade Students Visit the Demuth Museum

Submitted by Mrs. Susan Mellinger

Congratulations to fifteen East York Elementary third grade students whose artwork was selected and displayed the Charles Demuth Museum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania during the month of December 2017. Supported by the museum’s “Art in a Box” educational program, materials were generously offered by the museum for all students to learn about the life and art of Lancaster native, Charles Demuth.  Space was provided for several different school districts with artwork from kindergarten through senior high school.  Artworks were viewed and enjoyed by the public and an opening exhibition was given for all students, parents, and friends. The following East York students’ artwork was featured: (front row, left to right) Aidan Kochenour, Zack Soriano, (second row) Jennifer Tran, Chloe Hill, Natalie Martin, Lola Santoro, Gabriella Harmantzis, (back row) Maya Wolpert, Geana Potts, Juner Laurence, Julia Gerber, Jonathan Stermer, Sara Youcheff, Paige Overmiller, Julia Bryant.

Fall Athletes Earn Recognition

Submitted by Matt Marshall, Athletic Director

York Suburban had a number of outstanding performances by teams and individuals during the fall sports season. The cross country teams both finished second in District 3 with both Coach Dan VanHouwe and Coach Ron Herman named Coach of the Year. The boys team had a fantastic showing finishing 2nd in the PIAA Championships and the girls turned in an impressive 11th place finish.  Individually, Bryce Ohl finished 2nd in the (AA) PIAA Championships!

Girls volleyball and the golf team experienced outstanding regular seasons, finishing 2nd in their division . Girls volleyball made it to the semi-finals of the YAIAA Championships and earned a first  round victory in the District 3 Championships.

Highlighted below are the coaches and individuals recognized as all-stars by league, district, and PIAA Coaches, as well as the local media. We are also extremely proud of our boys soccer team for representing the district well and winning the YAIAA Sportsmanship Award. Congratulations to all athletes and coaches on the recognition of all your hard work!

York Suburban Fall All-Stars 2017-2018

“YS Athletics – 23 Sports, 1 Team”

Cross  Country  

Division II Boys

Bryce Ohl, Runner of the Year

Jarrett Raudensky, 1st Team

Josh Kerr, 1st Team

Coach of the Year, Ron Herman (YS)

PIAA – All-State (AA)

Bryce Ohl

Jarrett Raudensky

Division II Girls

Courney Ohl, 1st Team

Emma Trout, 1st Team

Zette Pflaum, 1st Team

Coach of the Year, Dan VanHouwe (YS)


Jake Taylor, 1st Team OLB

Marcos Valdes, 2nd Team ILB

Aliq Johnson, 2nd Team OG

TJ Hoover, 2nd Team TE               

Willie Batty, 2nd Team WR/HM Safety

Savion Harrison, 2nd Team RB & CB

Girls Volleyball

Chey Buckingham, 1st Team

Lauren Guyer, 1st Team

Ali Reinecker, 1st Team

Eryn McBride, 1st Team

PVCA District 3 Class AAA All-Star Team

Chey Buckingham, 1st Team

Ali Reinecker, 2nd Team


Chey Buckingham

Ali Reinecker

Field Hockey

Carder Miller, HM (GametimePA)

Carder Miller, 2nd Team (Coaches)

Rachel Peters , 2nd Team (Coaches)

Girls Soccer

Delaney Gross , 1st Team

Roma Williams, 1st Team

Boys Soccer

Nate Bowman, 2nd Team

Cody Willoughby, 2nd Team

YAIAA Division II Sportsmanship Awards

Boys Soccer

Holiday Family Fun at Yorkshire Elementary

Submitted by Mrs. Kathy Pavoncello

On December 5, the Yorkshire Elementary School cafeteria was alive with holiday cheer. The Yorkshire PTO sponsored a family-oriented cookie decorating event. Students and family members exhibited much creativity in choosing the icing and toppings! Children also created a host of holiday cards to be delivered to a local retirement home. For the first time, entertainment was provided by our talented middle school musicians, Sounds of Tomorrow and the Winter Carol Band, directed by Mrs .Amy Intrieri. It was a very “sweet” evening all around!


Discovery and Design at Yorkshire Elementary

Submitted by Mrs. Kathy Pavoncello


The kindergarten Discovery & Design students have been busy as bees the last few cycles. They recently read the story The Three Bears and decided to make a new bed for Goldilocks! The requirements were to make a bed to fit Goldilocks that was also strong enough to hold her. The students first designed a bed, deciding which materials to use. After designing the bed, they worked collaboratively (see if your child can tell you what collaboration means!!) to construct the new bed. Designs were tested by putting Goldilocks in the bed to check if it was both sturdy and big enough to hold her. If the beds didn’t work, the students engaged in problem solving  Ask your child what materials were used and if their bed design successfully supported Goldilocks.

In second grade, students have the opportunity to learn an assortment of techniques and skills related to the use of their Chromebooks.  As part of this course, students use a program called Typing Club that teaches proper keyboarding techniques.  This program helps build efficient keyboarding skills through evaluating the students accuracy and speed of typing.  In addition to learning how to type properly, the students have a variety of opportunities to apply new skills using many different Google-based applications.  

Discovery and Design also allows the students the opportunity to explore the beginning phases of computer programming.  Students recently took part in the Hour of Code through  Other applications for younger students interested in beginning coding skills include: ScratchJr (an app that can be added to tablets) and Scratch (a web-based program).


Third Annual Turkey Pardons

Submitted by Sonia Guyer

In November, the authors in Mrs. Guyer’s English Language Arts class at Indian Rock Elementary once again assumed the personas of turkeys in search of a pardon from the Thanksgiving table. After researching the annual White House tradition of the turkey pardon, the students wrote persuasive letters to “President” Gulley in hopes of being selected for survival. After careful consideration, the official pardon was awarded to General Turkey de Turkeyton (Miles Cope), with the alternate given to Bertha (Emma Ehrlich). The finalist turkeys included Rocky (Hailey Hogan), Mr. Turkey (Riley Krantz), Kentucky Fried Turkey (Max Brown), Very Anonymous Turkey (Isabel Sarsfield), Not Your Thanksgiving Turkey (Sasha Wallace), Gobbles (Grace Connolly), and Gobbly B. the Turkish Turkey (William Cashour).