Freshmen take on Keystone Tests

by Ben Rohrbaugh

Last week, the freshmen class took the Keystone tests. Some students took the Algebra 1 Keystone and the biology, while most just took the biology test.

The Keystones are state required tests that show the student’s progress throughout the year; passing these tests is required in order to move on to the next class and in order to graduate.

Freshman Maya Lathrop said that the Keystones were easier than she thought. “I finished them quickly” she said. “I did not have any questions that I did not know how to answer.”

Lathrop’s advice for future Keystone test takers is to not stress and “make sure to go over old information to refresh your memory.”

Freshman Haley Berkebile said that the Keystones were easier than expected. She felt that she did well despite not studying as much as she liked.

For future test takers, Berkebile said they should “attend bio boot camp because it really helps with remembering everything taught over the past year.”

Berkebile also suggests that the students should do extra practice with the topics they may struggle with.

With the hard work of the teachers, freshmen at YSHS feel prepared and ready to take the Keystones. For the future test takers, it is important to use the resources that the school provides.