Students Rally Interest in Charitable Events

by Alex Probert

There are many ways students try to be involved with their community. From joining different types of organizations to creating one, it seems like students are starting to get it. Students are realizing that getting involved with the community goes a long way.

Sophomore Ruby McKeown is a student trying to be involved with the community. Her organization is called RICE, which stands for Rallying Interest in Charitable Events. McKeown said, “I started RICE because I knew I wanted to make a difference,” and at the end of the day, thats what its all about.

“RICE has a different booth each month at Central Market to benefit a different charity,” McKeown said. She added, “We want people to know that it’s easy to make a difference and to shop smarter. We want to raise awareness for the charities that are less popular and work to achieve a better, fairer, happier world.”

McKeown wants to be different from everything and everyone else, and what they are doing. She said, “I knew that getting stuck in a niche product would be detrimental, so I decided having different pop up booths in the market would be fresh and fun.”

This isn’t a one person team though. McKeown said, “I talked to some people at school and we built a team,” and adds, “we have been striving for excellence since.”

A student led organization can sometimes be overlooked by others, but McKeown and her team seem to have it down. Mckeown said, “We have made about 400 dollars between our first two booths and hope to continue to grow.” She explained, “In the future, I see us building the brand. I hope on creating a website, sponsorship, and gaining brand awareness. I look forward to raising more money and discovering new creative booth ideas that can foster a charitable culture in York.”

The more people on a student led organization, the better. McKeown said, “One can join RICE by word of mouth or reaching out on social media.” She aspires to eventually build her organization so big, that she has to have an application process.

For more information, follow (@riceorganization) on Instagram. Any questions can be answered through direct message.