Advice for underclassmen

by Ajae Manning

Going through four years of high school can be hard, but learning how to direct oneself through it can ease the challenges of going there.

The best advice is usually given by the seniors because they have been in highschool for the full four years and have the most experience. Even though high school can be hard, understanding the basics can make it easier. By the time senior year comes around, giving advice to the underclassmen seems necessary because everyone was once there and understood what it was like to have a hard time understanding their place in the school.

Not everyone takes the advice, but that does not mean they have a rough time since some people just like to start understanding things by themselves instead of being told what to do.

Some advice given by the seniors seems to help some underclassmen. Senior Noah Chojnacki said, ¨try keeping a balanced schedule and make sure that you have your things organized or else the rest of highschool can get a little hectic.¨ This is one of the most important things to follow by because it is definitely true. It is very easy to get lost in school work and other priorities but in order to keep a balance scheduling is key.

Senior Rebecca Oldrich said, ¨try to stay out of drama. The less drama you have, the smoother high school will sail.¨ This is also another important piece of advice because drama is the epitome of high school. It does not get the situation anywhere but instead it makes everything worse. Trying to stay out of drama is one of the smartest thing to do while in high school because when coming to school, the point of it is to learn so that you get somewhere far in life, all drama does is hold you back from your education and makes more trouble and stress.

There is a lot more advice from others but those two points make a huge difference and will help while traveling through the journey of highschool.