Senior Projects in motion

by Ajae Manning

Senior CP English classes spent the semester completing senior projects that tie the literature they read to issues in our community.

Senior projects are organized in order to help people around the community. The funds for the projects go to organizations that take donations. Even though the projects are completed to receive a grade, they are still supposed to help others and make sure that there is a change to the world around us.

According to English teacher TJ Lantz, ¨senior projects enable students to understand issues in the world around us including our local community, that they may not have had experience with in their own life.” Some of the projects that are taking place  range from selling metal straws, to collecting canned food. The point of selling metal straws was so people stop using plastic. he pollution to the planet and the trash that is found in oceans and other places is usually plastic.

Using metal straws is way safer because they are BPA free and plastic has been known to give harmful chemicals to the bloodstream.

Collecting cans were for the food drive, so that they could try to end some of the world hunger. Another project that had been done was seeing what causes people to have joy on a day to day basis, and how technology is affecting them and their happiness.

Women injustices was another important one that showed how women are forced into situations such as being denied education, early marriage or even gender-based violence.

Along with the projects described previously, there were  many other projects done, in an effort to make certain situations improve.   The world is affected by this every day and the only way to stop them is an effort is put into helping.

Senior Asa Williams had worked on an independence in the educational system project, and stated, ¨I think it helps kids find independence in the school system and prepare for the future and their lives.¨

Assistant principal Dr. Adams said, “If the students put forth a good effort, it depends on the type of project but it all helps.”

Giving students the opportunity to help others is amazing. Having this small opportunity may turn into something bigger one day, and some of the situations could even be solved in the near future. This should be an ongoing project that is shared along with other schools in order to make a bigger difference for the world.