A look back at the 2018-2019 school year

by Kiyanna Dowling

The 2018-2019 school year is quickly reaching its end. School for all students ends on June 3, but seniors, are counting down the days until May 28. AP tests are coming, senior projects are due, research papers, and more. Students are in a frenzy to maintain their grades, anxious for finals, and ultimately ready for the school year to end and summer to begin.

Though students and staff are ready for summer, the school year has been overall great. York Suburban students have made so many great memories from football games to homecoming, MiniThon, sports teams, prom, and so much more. The 2018-2019 school year has been good so far, so let’s take a look back on some of the most memorable moments from our students.

For freshmen, it was quite challenging since it was their first taste into high school and the work that comes along with it. Freshmen are thrilled to no longer be at the bottom of the chain and are happy to be moving up to their sophomore year.

Freshman Ben Rohrbaugh, described his first year of high school as “eventful, but stressful and overwhelming.” Rohrbaugh found the most difficult part was dealing with all his homework after sports practice and games. Though his favorite part of the year was “being a part of the girl’s and boy’s senior night for basketball and watching all the teams play.”. As an upcoming sophomore, Rohrbaugh looks forward to “continuing to challenge [himself] physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

As for sophomores, they already had their first taste of high school and are becoming very familiar with high school and how things work. With moving up into high school comes more work, responsibility, and time management. While dealing with the abrupt change from freshman year to sophomore, they were still able to have some fun.

Sophomore Joey Englar and Alex Probert described their second year as “Good” and “It was harder than the first year.” Both Englar and Probert agreed that sophomore year was harder due to the amount of work that comes with it. For Englar, sports were his favorite part of the year and Probert’s favorite part was MiniThon. Junior year is supposed to be the hardest year of high school. Englar said that he was not ready while Probert said “I think over the summer I will have time to think about what I will be doing differently so I can perform the best I can.”

As for juniors, they have been keeping up with the workload and stress that comes with junior year. Juniors have been preparing for SATs and ACTs, going on college visits, finalizing grades and GPAs, and more. Juniors are finally ready to be relieved of all this stress and go on summer vacation.

Alyssa Hocker, Chancellor Lehman, and Darius Smith both agreed that junior year was overall good while Hocker also added, “It was better than sophomore year.” Junior year is supposed to be the toughest year, Hocker said, “AP Chem” was the hardest while Smith and Lehman said that everything, especially the homework was the most difficult part. Though there were some rough times, students still had their best memories and moments from this year. For Hocker “winning battle of the buildings,”, Smith’s was “hanging out with friends,”, and Lehman’s was “my lunch table.”As juniors are reaching senior year, Hocker is most looking forward to her seniors seasons for sports, Lehman is excited not to be in school for a full day, and Smith is looking toward hopefully graduating.

Senior year is a very exciting time, as students are preparing to take the next step in their life which varies from college or university, workforce, army or military, and lots more. As seniors approach the last couple weeks of school, they are frivolously working on senior projects, preparing for graduating and finalizing grades.

Senior Matt Robison described his last year of high school “as an all-around fun time with the boys” while Mariyah Easterly said  “It went fast. I felt like I put a lot of hard work at the beginning of the year, but now I don’t really care.” Senior year is supposed to include some of the best times with your friends. Robison said was the high school football tailgates and Easterly said “study hall with juniors Kiyanna Dowling, Cristian Segura, Garth Barclay and leaving for lunch” were their favorite parts of the year. When asked what they are going to miss about high school, Robison said “sports” while Easterly said “my friends”.


With the year wrapping up, students are able to look back at a whirlwind of a year. This school year included the fun moments from homecoming and sports events to the stress of tests and homework. In summary, York Suburban High School students had a pretty overall great year.