Upcoming Changes to Student Council


By Fio del Pielago

Student council at York Suburban has changed significantly over the years, especially when Mini-THON became such a popular event. Hoping to return to its roots, student council has major changes this upcoming school year that will directly affect the student body, one of the more drastic changes includes plans to separate student council from Mini-THON.

Student council is offered as an extracurricular activity with Science Teacher Steven Whiteley and English Teacher Casey Reider as its advisors. Next year, both Reider and Whiteley plan to make major changes to the student council in order for it to become about the student body again.

The most drastic change to student council this upcoming year is that student council is separating itself from Mini-THON. Although it is not set in stone, Reider is planning to be an advisor for Mini-THON rather than History Teacher, Oliver Good. Good is expecting a child in the summer of 2019 and Reider said, “I am taking the place of Mr.Good so he could step down to take care of his child. He is still going to be involved but not to the extent that he was.”

With the increasing popularity of Mini-THON, it is no longer required for students to be a part of student council to be involved in Mini-THON as well. Although one does not have to be a part of student council to be involved with Mini-THON Whitely said, “They can be a part of both. But the beauty is they don’t have to be.”

Additionally, Whiteley said, “Student council will be able to return to its roots and be a student government. It will represent the student body to the administration and serve as a place where school issues can be debated.

Student council will become a smaller organization. In place of the members swarming and stressing because of Mini-THON, they can focus on their original values, the student body. Specifically, Whiteley said, “You will see student council tackle more issues that affect students like the QR codes for signing out of class, parking, climate of the school, etc.”

The goal for next year’s student council is to focus on student issues. Student council is planning to be less involved in the planning of certain events, but they will continue to plan Homecoming as they have in previous years.

Rather than student council having over 140 members as it did this year, they will only be looking for 80 students that will dedicate time and effort to the organization. This was accomplished by expanding the number of class senators to 8-10 and limiting the amount of at-large members to at most 10 per class.

Additionally, Reider said, “The attendance policy is going to be enforced more critically. We are going to try and crack down and be more diligent about the policy.”  

Part of Whiteley’s vision for student council next year are healthy debates and discussions between the members and the student body. Whiteley wants the members to face any problems and issues next year head-on, student members should be “proactive rather than reactive.” In other words, they should take control of the issue or problem by creating a solution and acting on it, rather than sitting by and waiting for something to happen.

Whiteley hopes that student council members will develop their personalities and skills through being a part of the student council. Specifically, he wants them to develop both confidence and leadership skills throughout the school year.

Overall, Whiteley wants to see student council become more diverse and better represent the makeup of the York Suburban High School student body.