Student-athletes offer advice on overcoming obstacles

by Ariel Rivera

Being a student in high school can be hard at times whether it is trying to get grades up or playing sports. It is a student’s responsibility whether they play sports or not to keep grades up, but that can be stressful especially if there is a big project and they have a game to play in later or just have an important matter to attend to.

Student-athletes have many responsibilities to attend to, sports and school. Freshman Jalani Hopkins plays football, wrestling, and runs track. To Hopkins, the hardest part of being a student-athlete is, “Balancing homework and projects with practice”.

Despite having projects and homework, Hopkins still finds a way too fit work into his schedule. Hopkins said, “I usually do my homework in the morning at 5”. Athletes may often get home late if they have a meet, a game to play, or practices to attend to after school and have little time to do their homework.

Hopkins finds a way to accomplish his work on top of all of his practices. A student who can do this and stay on top of his grades is inspiring and should be looked up to. It might be hard, but there is a way it can be done.

Hopkins advice to student-athletes is that “You’re a student-athlete, not an athlete student.” What Hopkins means by this is that being a student always comes first before being an athlete. Students must keep their grades up if they want to keep playing sports.

Besides student-athletes, there are just regular students. Students who do not play sports but go through similar struggles of being stressed out with school work or getting loaded with a lot of work. Freshman Emilee Grossman often gets overloaded with work.

To Grossman, the hardest part about school is, “The amount of work in the amount of time we are given”. Teachers may expect certain assignments or projects to be due at certain times and meeting those deadlines can be hard.

According to Grossman, “School does stress me out very much and i’m not very good at managing it.” There are ways a person can relieve themselves of stress. For starters, things such as taking a breath or taking a break from school work and then working on it later can be beneficial.

Grossman is one of many students who gets stressed over school work. Her advice to students is to, ”Get everything done and not wait till the last minute, plan out your work and the time you have”. Many students often procrastinate and wait until the last minute, but Grossman and many other people would not advise doing that.

Whether someone is a student-athlete or just a normal student, everyday tasks in school must be done. It may be hard to manage especially if you have a busy schedule, but it can be done, look at former high school students or current students as inspiration that all work can be completed.