Impact Foundation helps YS community

by Alex Probert

There are many things that York Suburban does to help others. One of these things being the Impact Foundation, a “students helping students” organization.

The Impact Foundation is known for providing aid and help across the YS community. Senior Olivia Pindzola the president of the Impact Foundation said, “We work to maintain Impact Closets in each school in the district and run our Food For Thought program, a weekend food backpack program that currently provides food for over 50 students in the district each weekend.” She also said, “The Impact Foundation’s goal is to help students and families in the YS school district who are at a financial disadvantage.”

The Impact Closet is a place where “there are clothes, school supplies, hygiene products, household cleaning products, and other items that many of people take for granted”, Pindzola said. The Impact Closets can be found at all the schools in the district.

People can access the Impact Closet with couple easy steps. A staff member needs to be asked and they will enter the closet and get the needed supplies.

Pindzola said, “In 2018, we raised $19,909 in grants and individual donations. So far in 2019 we have raised $1,935.” It is easy to see after these given numbers, the Impact Foundation is truly making an impact and working hard to support others in the community.

There aren’t any events specific to the Impact Foundation, but they merge with other events. Looking into the future, the Impact Foundation wants to expand. Pindzola said, “Impact Foundation is hoping to perfect our methods of inventorying items, getting the right items to the school that needs it the most, and fulfilling specific item requests. We collect a lot of data throughout the year so that we can make adjustments and improve our operations. We want to grow our funding opportunities through personalized cultivation and increase awareness and community reach.” They plan to add a 7th closet in the back of social worker Miranda King’s car when she makes home visits.

There are many things that can be done to help and get involved with the foundation. Pindzola said, “Impact Foundation board members are primarily juniors and seniors and must submit an application in the spring for the upcoming school year. Sophomores and freshman can also become members at a volunteer level, but cannot earn internship credits and have fewer responsibilities.” This is a great organization that does great things for others.

The Impact Foundation can be followed on their Instagram (@ys_impact_foundation) or their Twitter (@ysimpactfdn).