Message from Dr. Larry Redding, Acting Superintendent

The most heart-wrenching conversations school leaders would ever have with a family is about a student casualty, especially if that life-ending event occurred at school. When I heard about the recent school shooting in Florida, I reacted the same way I have for the past ten years – first with great sadness that a child in a school classroom was a victim of a preventable crime and then, how can I work to improve the safety and security of those students placed in my care. I never want to become hardened or callused about the news of the loss of a child from violent acts at school nor be caught wishing I would have done more to proactively promote school safety measures.

Recognizing that every public place, including schools, are vulnerable to attacks by individuals wanting to do harm to others, our attitude must be like a Scout – “Be Prepared”.  Our York Suburban school leaders have worked hard to develop prevention and protection plans and practice our response to various potential safety violations. Using the All-Hazards planning model, our district is focused on providing a safe learning environment for all students. We don’t just build a plan and store it on a shelf.  We have a very deliberate approach to sharing the expectations and procedures with all school staff, especially those new to a building or the district. The most outward part of a plan is a drill with students. They, too, need to understand their role in our preparedness.

The ongoing review and inspection of our school facilities have also become part of our regular practice. Both internal and external resources have been and are being used to identify potential risk factors. Both the Spring Garden and Springettsbury Township Police Departments have been a tremendous asset to the York Suburban School District due to their proactive approach to school safety. The PA Department of Education Safe School Office and the PA Auditor General’s Office are giving renewed attention to the physical improvements schools can make to enhance school safety measures.  Our district welcomes the assistance of others in reviewing our building entrances and exits, communication and alarm systems, parking lots and general building and grounds security to provide recommendations for improvements.

It is impossible to prevent all school safety violations with a single focus on facility improvements or a good All-Hazards Plan. These safety and security plans can certainly reduce the likelihood that a violent attack may occur, but we must also address the role positive school climate has on reducing acts of violence at school. Fostering a climate of respect and trust may be the most important target for our entire school community. Each one of us can reinforce positive behaviors, respectful interactions, and pro-social behaviors. We teach and encourage students to use conflict resolution and peer-to-peer problem-solving techniques. We take proactive steps to reduce bullying behaviors.  We have highly skilled guidance staff to teach and model respectful behaviors. Trusting relationships between adults and students are the product of quality connections. Part of the daily efforts of our York Suburban staff is working to make connections with each child. Our teachers, classroom aides, guidance counselors, nurses, librarians, office personnel, coaches, custodians, food service employees, bus drivers and administrators all play a vital role in building trusting relationships with our students.

Making our schools safer is a duty we all share.  The actions and resources directed by our school board is evidence we, the York Suburban School District, are committed to that school safety mission.  We are updating and upgrading our school emergency operation plans, engaging our school community at all levels to build trusting relationships with our students,  and committed to forging stronger bonds with our emergency-services personnel. We want to be proactive in our efforts to foster a climate where we freely communicate between and among the community stakeholders to ensure the safest school environment humanly possible.


York County Science and Engineering Fair Award Winners

Submitted by Mr. Jamie McFadden

Beginning in August, 128 eighth grade students at the middle school began working on science fair projects. In January at the middle school Science Showcase, 68 projects were selected to move on to the York County Science and Engineering Fair.  On March 5 & 6, York Suburban Middle School students competed against other students from York and Adams County. This year several students were recognized for their outstanding work.

The following students earned a first place (90+ points on a 100 point scale):  Emma Poff, Gelisse Seidel, Noah Rice, Matt Aulthouse, Kevin Clarke, Carly Bowen, Evelyn Emswiler, Ben Kenien, Madelyn Glennon, Collin Boldt, Jordan Weaver, Savannah Hunt, Ben Klimes, and Ellen Boldt.

The following students scored in the top 10% of middle school students:  Collin Boldt, Ellen Boldt, Emma Poff, Kevin Clarke, Evelyn Emswiler and Ben Kenien.

Several students earned awards from local organizations:

Lyly Nguyen, Eisenhart Memorial Award.

Noah West, Engineering Society of York Award

Matt Aulthouse,  Society of Manufacturing Engineers Award

Ben Kenien, York Township Award

Claire Kearns, Barbara Willis Award

YS-CTC Celebrates Culture

Submitted by Mrs. Anne Cook, YSCTC Mobilizer.

The annual York Suburban-Communities That Care Alliance Multicultural Festival was held March 22 at the middle school. Fortunately, the inclement weather eased enough to allow for a great evening! Eleven countries were represented, with tables featuring food and drink samples, photographs, artifacts, ethnic apparel, and more. Community and special-project tables along with many educational and fun activities were also highlighted.  Participants and attendees were encouraged to share their heritage and culture.

YS-CTC, the Multicultural Festival Committee, and the middle school thank all who gave their time to make this a successful event and those who turned out to enjoy it.


Shrek Performance Delights Audience

Submitted by Dr. Brian Ellis

The high school musical cast and crew presented three shows of Shrek The Musical over the first weekend of March. Students delivered an outstanding performance under the direction of new co-directors, high school teachers Hannah Stayer and Jolene Kingston, and was led by actors including freshman Patrick Francis as Shrek, senior Skylar Volz as Fiona, sophomore Sophia Nicholson as Donkey, freshman Steven File as Lord Farquaad, and senior Sophia Matey as Dragon. The performance integrated new lighting and smoke effects to enhance the outstanding student-created sets. High school teacher Steve Whiteley tweeted: “Dear @YorkSuburbanHS students involved with Shrek.  You killed it. Best performances (and there have been many great ones) in my 25 years at YS. My hat is off to all of you.” His sentiments were echoed by nearly all in attendance! Congratulations to the cast and crew of Shrek!

Middle School Raises Funds for Kids’ Sake

Submitted by Mrs. Cindy Eifert

During the month of February, York Suburban Middle School students showed their true heart. Between two events, the annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake and the traditional student-staff basketball and cookie bake-off, the YSMS community showed its eagerness to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of York and Adams Counties.

Middle schoolers dressed as golden trophies, Super Mario characters, and favorite candy bars in the middle of winter can only mean one thing…it’s Bowl for Kids’ Sake time! On Friday and Saturday, February 9 and 10, Laser Alleys Bowling Center was taken over by YSMS students, families, and staff participating in the school’s annual event to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of York and Adams Counties. Some came in full costume, others wore spirit wear to display their YS pride, but, regardless of their apparel, the YSMS community came out in full force to raise funds with enthusiasm. This year, over 330 bowlers on 64 teams raised a combined total in excess of $20,000!

Students participating in the event on Friday evening had the option to bowl and also attend a dance at the school hosted by YSMS Student Council. On Saturday, bowlers could choose to participate in laser tag at the bowling alley. Prizes were awarded for top fundraising teams, best costumes, and high fundraising individuals. For over 20 years, YSMS has supported Big Brothers Big Sisters through Bowl for Kids’ Sake, and each year the event sparks student excitement while offering the opportunity to give back to the community. Event co-organizer Anne Perkins sums up the weekend by sharing: “It is amazing to see the incredible effort students, families, and staff put into this event! The costumes they create, the funds they raise, and the pride they show as a school community make all of us very proud to be a part of YSMS and the partnership we have with Big Brothers Big Sisters. We’re already planning for next year!”

The YSMS community was not done yet.  On the evening of February 28, YSMS eighth grade basketball teams took on the YSMS staff in an invigorating and enthusiastic game.  The students came out with an unprecedented victory with a final score of 100 – 66. During the game’s halftime, spectators were able to purchase snacks and taste the culinary treats made by our very own staff.  This year’s cookie bake-off winner was a new entry – sixth-grade teacher Mr. Adam Schimpf. This one evening event raised over $700! All funds raised at this event were donated to Big Brother Big Sisters of York and Adams Counties.  There is no doubt that the YSMS community is very generous.

2018-2019 Kindergarten Registration Support

York Suburban School District uses an online, electronic registration process (
click to view) which requires a computer, internet, and the ability to scan documents. In order to provide support and service to our new registrants, we are offering the times listed above to support this process. These are NOT mandatory to attend. If you need technical support, please plan on attending one of these offerings. If you are able to register independent of support, you would not be expected to attend. We will have the necessary technology and support set-up in the office area of both buildings.  You do not need to register in the building your child will attend.  Your child does not need to attend this registration session.     



Prats Competes at Poetry Out Loud

Submitted by Dr. Brian Ellis

YSHS is quite proud to recognize junior Zoe Prats for our her outstanding performance in the annual Poetry Out Loud competition.   Zoe recently represented YSHS in the state competition in Harrisburg and is our first state qualifier in many years and first since Poetry Out Loud has grown to include many more schools in Pennsylvania.   

Zoe qualified by first winning our school level competition in December and the regional competition at the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg in February.   Zoe was required to recite three poems. She chose to recite “Mrs. Caldera’s House of Things” by Gregory Djanikian, “Onions” by William Matthews, and “Chorus Sacerdotum” by Baron Brooke Fulke Greville.

Zoe was interviewed by Maddie Levans ‘18 for an article in the YS Tribune.   You can find out more about Zoe’s experience in the February edition.

This is just one more great recognition for Zoe.  You may recognize her as a past Junior Champion and Senior Reserve Champion at the York County Science Fair as well as a being a member of the Pennsylvania Music Educator Association’s (PMEA) regional orchestra this year!  Congratulations to Zoe!

Spring Celebration of Excellence

On April 21, 2018, York Suburban parents, alumni, teachers, administrators, and supporters will gather at Heritage Hills Golf Resort to celebrate the innovative and creative learning opportunities funded by the York Suburban Education Foundation (YSEF) for the 2017-18 school year. Proceeds from this event benefit YS students through YSEF classroom grants and programs like the Impact Closets, located in each YS building, and Food For Thought, a weekend food backpack program. Due to the generous support of our YS community, last year YSEF awarded eleven grants totaling $55,078.54. Grants awarded for the 2018-2019 academic year will be announced at the event. Since 2008, YSEF has awarded 114 grants totaling $274,188.

Purchase tickets at and search for YSEF or go to (Please list names of attendees in the “comments” section of online payment form).

For more information about mailing your payment or donation, please visit

East York Celebrates Reading

Submitted by Mrs. Karen Potts

In the spirit of adding the joy back to reading, East York Elementary celebrated Read Across America week!  The East York staff was asked to provide a picture of themselves reading someplace wacky…in a tree, at the grocery store, pumping gas, etc.  Mrs. Stover took all the photos and compiled them into a very entertaining slideshow that teachers shared with their students! Since March 2 was the birthday of Dr. Seuss, East York held spirit days that were bright, wild, and wacky!

A View from Nixon Park

Submitted by Mrs. Peggy Russell

This March, Valley View Elementary second graders visited Nixon Park to and participated in three nature stations. First, they took a nature walk on one of Nixon’s hiking trails, went bird watching, and even saw a bald eagle fly overhead! At their second station, they did a scavenger hunt to explore all the animal information available at the visitor center.  The day concluded with an animal classification talk where students learned about the different classifications of animals and their characteristics. Second grade enjoyed their time spent at Nixon Park!