Hands-On Math

Third-grade students at Indian Rock Elementary are engaged in a hands-on experience with building numbers in different ways.  Hands-on experiences with math concepts assist students in developing a better understanding and foundation of computational skills, leading to accomplishing more accurate and fluent calculations.  The activity with base ten blocks demonstrated in the photo below develops the understanding of renaming numbers and helps make more sense of the regrouping concept in subtraction.


Submitted by Mrs. Wendy Hauck

34th Annual Robert L. Dovey Academic Awards

On Monday, May 14, York Suburban High School once again celebrated our Annual Academic Awards, named after former School District Superintendent Robert L. Dovey.  The top students of York Suburban High School and their families joined together for refreshments before recognizing the students.

The awards recognize grade level department award winners selected by respective departments, the five most improved students in each grade level, National Merit winners, and the top ten percent of students in each class for this school year.  

The most noteworthy recognition comes to our seniors who have fallen in the top five percent of their class each year.  Those students are recognized with a $100 gift card and a unique charger plate. The 2018 seniors that earned this recognition are Jillian Ducker, Charlotte Nesbitt, Maya Lehman, and Zezette Pflaum.

Please review the full list of Robert L. Dovey Academic Award recipients for 2018  here and on our website (yssd.org).

Annual Awards Night Highlights Student Achievement

On Tuesday, May 1, York Suburban High School celebrated its annual awards night recognizing scholarship recipients and other school-based award winners. This year, 29 different honors were bestowed and over $50,000 in scholarships were awarded.

The evening culminated with the recognition of Theodore Gunn and Carter Kowalweski by Retired Army Colonel Joe Schwar who presented their appointments to the United States Military Academy at West Point.  He noted how incredibly rare it is to have two students from the same area, much less two students from the same high school, given that only 1100 students are appointed from all the schools around the country.

Following the recognition of USMA appointments, Dr. Ellis named the 2018 Scholar Performers and 2018 Scholar Athletes whose pictures will be placed in the lobby with the other honorees from the previous two decades.  This year’s Scholar Performers are Stephen Burchett and Alana Huynh and the Scholar Athletes are Alexandra Reinecker and Jacob Taylor.

A complete list of the awards including full descriptions and recognized students can be found on our website and by accessing: York Suburban High School Awards Night 2018


Submitted by Dr. Brian Ellis

Prats Presented with Wellesley College Book Award

Zoe Prats, Class of 2019, was recently awarded the Wellesley College Book Award, an award bestowed upon a junior who has shown strong academic leadership throughout her past three years in high school.  Candidates for the award were nominated based upon their YSHS class rank and then were asked to answer the question, “How have you demonstrated outstanding academic performance and character as well as made contributions to extracurricular and/or community life?”  Zoe’s impressive application led her to be selected as the 2018 Book Award winner; the accolade was presented by Paula Ann Katze, a Wellesley College alumna and YSHS Mathematics teacher. Congratulations to Zoe Prats!

Submitted by Mrs. Paula Ann Katze

Presidential Achievement Awards for Elementary Students

Presidential Award for Educational Excellence


 East York Elementary


Simon Bellenbaum

Viet Cao

Chloe Chevaux

Adyson Coleman

Dahmaj De’Shields

Brennan Hykes

Liana Hoerner

Madelyn Marino

Kegan Mitton

Niyah Peterkin

Sarah Schnetzka

Landon Seipple

Keonekai Stryhn

Carrie Stump

Layleah Velasquez

Bailey Vredenburg

Michael Wilt

Ethan Yon


Indian Rock Elementary


Emma Borgiel

Max Brown

Katherine Burt

Gabrielle Campbell

Amirah Carroll

William Cashour

Grace Connolly

Mia Corto

Emma Ehrlich

Andrew Ekstrom

Lia Fogle

Ashanti Garver

Everett Heim

Avery Hewitt

Chjara Martin

Landon Mendoza

Jackson Miller

Isabel Sarsfield

Ellsa Siewert

Nicholas Cole Smith

Sasha Wallace

Drew Wilt



Presidential Award for Educational Achievement



 East York Elementary


Jack Berg

Alexander Bien

Rylan Bratton

Victoria Cooper

Dylan Dang

Tervina Danour

Richard Elisha Dennis

Thomas Eckenrode

Amelia Emswiler

Austin Fry

Jonah Gibson

Turner Hare

Gina Herink

Cayli Huynh

Sindel Kauffman

Angelina Kaufman

Micah Kelley

Logan Knott

Megan Lathrop

Nicholas LoBianco

Brayden Nolan

Sophia Redman

Sophia Scalet

Ella Shoff

Teagan Tatcher

Molly Wasylenko

Bella Weaver

Asia Kyleen Welt-Walls

Ruth Wile


Indian Rock Elementary


Grace Bramble

Jeffrey Clarke

Aslynn Delridge

Brayden Egger

Paige Garner

Cambria Green

Tate Greenplate

Ethan Heiland

Landon Howard

Connall Kirtland

Sarah Koller

Riley Krantz

Chloe Moore

Lydia Powers

Loralei Stambaugh

Haiden Strebig

Taylor Toomey

Peyton Webb

Makayla Weyant

Omar Yaghi

Yaya Zhou

A Community of Encouragement

Valley View Elementary would like to extend sincere gratitude to the Wonder Family. Upon noticing the absence of a stage flag, the Wonders offered to purchase, assemble, and deliver this flag to VVE. It will now be present on the VVE stage for years to come, appropriately recognizing our country. We are fortunate to have families like the Wonders in our community. From all of York Suburban School District, thank you.

Front Row Left to Right: Margaret Wonder (K) and Carolyn Wonder (2nd), Back Row (Left to Right: Alan Wonder and Heather Salvaggio



Senior Nickels Receives Turnaround Achievement Award


Seth Nickel, son of Jayme Simmers and Heath Nickel, was presented with the York Area Bowling Proprietors’ Association’s 2018 Turnaround Achievement award.  This award is presented to a student who has shown perseverance and determination in both academic and personal growth. Seth is a senior at York Suburban High School.  

Submitted by Mrs. Jennifer Martin



Moms Inspire Kindness in Fourth-Graders

Fourth graders showed love and kindness while making bird feeders for their special mothers for Mother’s Day.  They painted the clay saucers with beautiful colors and designs, then decorated grapevine wreaths with a variety of flowers. Birdseed was added so that our feathered friends might enjoy a spring snack while our moms relax and watch.












Submitted by Mrs. Amy Uffleman

Yorkshire Hosts Kindergarten Countdown

Building principal Dr. Stoltz, kindergarten teachers, and Yorkshire PTO members spent the evening of May 10 hosting next year’s kindergarten students and their families, as they toured Yorkshire Elementary. Parents met the teachers and incoming students had an opportunity to acclimate to their new school environment before the summer break. It was a great evening for a sneak-peek of what is in store for these new students next year.


Submitted by Mrs. Kathy Pavoncello

Kindergarteners Celebrate Graduation

Kindergarten graduation at Valley View Elementary took a massive audience and provided a ‘making memories’ themed experience on May 30. The event included a three station rotation:

The Playground Station

The playground has been a critical area for our students to develop healthy norms for play and social interaction. Students climb, share, create, follow rules, play games, and build skills necessary for school citizenship. During this station, families were welcomed to play along with your kindergartener. School days do go by quickly so it was important our families had a chance to have fun being a KID with their KID at the Playground Station.

The Ceremony Station

The VVE Gym was a highlight of the day. Students from each class took to the stage. They shared songs, were recognized by name & future career aspiration, and were celebrated as graduates.

The Photo Station

At this station, graduates had the opportunity for two photos: 1) A Class Photo 2) Photo Booth (with props). The photo opportunity allowed for families to be creative in making the memories we hope last a lifetime!

Submitted by Dr. Todd Monos