Graduation Walk – A New Tradition

Submitted by Dr. Brian Ellis

On the morning of graduation this year, York Suburban started a new tradition that promises repetition for years to come. Our graduating seniors, donning their caps and gowns, had the opportunity to visit all of the district buildings. In each building, the elementary and middle school teachers and students lined the hallway to cheer for the graduates. Numerous hugs between seniors and former teachers, and many high fives were shared by present and future graduates. The seniors walking their old hallways, seeing former teachers, and hearing the congratulations from the whole YS community. But the younger students also experienced looking up to the “big kids” and thinking about how they, too, would one day wear the same cap and gown.

The final part of the walkthrough brought the K-12 school system full circle. At Yorkshire Elementary, the seniors joined all the kindergarten parents to applaud the kindergarten students as they processed to their own graduation. While at Valley View Elementary, the high school graduates each escorted one of the kindergarten graduates to their ceremony.