Middle School Art on Display

Submitted by Molly McAuliffe

The annual York Suburban Middle School Art Show had a fantastic turn out Wednesday night. The YS talent was on display and family, friends, students, and community members were impressed. Mrs. McAuliffe thanks everyone for their support of the arts at YSMS.

Sixth grade: Students did three projects. The first was a clay sculptural animal where they learned about Oaxacan woodcarved animals and how they create 3-D animals. The second was a colorful landscape where students learned about perspective and different color theory movements, such as: realism, impressionism, and fauvism. The third was a self-portrait where students learned about Chuck Close while also comparing his artwork to other famous artists’ self-portraits.

Seventh grade: Students began their rotation with a photography self-portrait where they practiced different photography strategies and editing effects. They then looked at graphic design and advertising. They created a personal logo while keeping in mind the rules of logo design, created a linoleum cut stamp, and printed their stamp using printing ink. Their third project was a charcoal still life, and their fourth project was inspired by surrealism. After doing two creativity activities, they created a surrealism scene using collage materials.

Eighth grade: Students researched a famous artist and designed a functional ceramic box that was inspired by the life or the work of their artist. Once the box was fired in the kiln students applied glaze to the finished box. Students then used either tempera paint, chalk pastel, oil pastel, or watercolor to complete a pop art inspired pop culture drawing. Their final project was a choice project. Students had the choice to either write an artist’s proposal for a project of their choosing, create a painting that parodies a famous painting, design a poster series, study human movement, photograph a paper that changes the photograph, or illustrate a favorite quote.