Art Students Compete in VANS Design Contest


Design Team Entries

Technology In Design graphic Entry (Photo courtesy of E. Furjanic) Created by Morgan Gochnauer & Keelie Walker








High School art students in Drawing I and Drawing II classes submitted their sketch ideas for the VANS Custom Culture sneaker design contest.  Each year 3,000 high schools across the nation compete. Each high school receives 4 pairs of blank white VANS sneakers which must be designed following the themes of art, music, action sports and local flavor.  The Drawing II students narrowed down the sketches and worked collaboratively to help refine the designs.  The following students comprised the final design team: Devante Embrey- Banks, Cara Fielding, Cajsa Fryar, Logan Miller, Jack Passariello, Elijah Tapp, Luna Ulysses, and Asa Williams.

The VANS company will select 50 finalists from each region which will then be put to a public vote from April 26-May 10 at the VANS Custom Culture website. In addition, graphic design students Morgan Gochnauer and Keelie Walker created a digital entry for the “technology in design” graphic entry. The winner of this part of the competition will have their design on the VANS custom site where it can be selected and applied to VANS sneakers.

Design Team works collaboratively during Flex

Artists with final designs