Student Foundation Builds Last Impact Closet

Submitted by Sarah Reinecker

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Students from the Impact Foundation (IF), a student-led committee of the York Suburban Education Foundation (YSEF), built their last Impact Closet at Yorkshire Elementary school in November. Student building representatives Sahara Wilt and David Ilayan took the lead with help from principal Dr. Kim Stoltz.  This completes IF’s first year operations goal of building an Impact Closet in every York Suburban building funded through a $5,000 grant from the York County Community Foundation.

The students are now focusing on sustainability, closet operations and collaborations.  To restock the closet inventory, students have forged collaborations within the schools and the community at large. Thanks to the building PTO’s and student councils, IF students have conducted two Impact Closet product drives to date, and more are scheduled throughout the school year.  In late October, a product drive was held at YS Middle School in collaboration with the PSO and Student Council where 350 hygiene items were donated by middle school students thanks to the efforts of IF students Parker Faircloth-Henise, Jack Schultz and David Ilayan.  In early December, the Indian Rock PTO generously helped IF students Collin Slenker and Lucy Cook conduct a product drive in conjunction with their annual book faire and pancake breakfast.  A total of 424 clothing items were collected – all donated by Indian Rock students and their families!  To help make an IMPACT, stay tuned to the York Suburban Education Foundation Facebook page for regular postings about items that will be needed overtime as the effort continues to grow and the students monitor inventory use throughout the buildings.

The Impact Foundation’s motto is Students Helping Students.