“Giving Tree” and New Impact Closet Provide a Lending Hand

Submitted by Kathy Pavoncello

As we enter the holiday season, Yorkshire Elementary is putting into action how we are truly a Community of Encouragement.  We are here for the whole child. Our staff works hard to provide an excellent education.  In addition, we look beyond our students’ school day to consider what more can be done to provide support.  Thank you to the families and staff members that selected a pumpkin or turkey from the ‘Thanksgiving Tree’.  By sponsoring a Yorkshire child, you are spreading happiness and joy.  Gifts are to be delivered to the office by Monday, December 19.  

As a community outreach service, Yorkshire participated in a holiday food drive. Collected food items, along with a turkey donated by the York County Food Bank, will be packaged and provided to our own families who express the need for a wonderful meal.  

Lastly, the YS Impact Foundation, a student-run committee of the York Suburban Education Foundation, completed our Impact Closet build.  The Impact Foundation has one goal – students helping students within their own community.  Our closet(s) are stocked with clothing, hygiene items, school supplies and snack items.  The goal is for students to get what they need so they do not lack the essentials for school and home and can concentrate on learning. Yorkshire truly provides a warm and caring environment for our children.  Thank you for your part in making our school a special place.

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