Wonders Elementary Reading Program Introduced

York Suburban is excited to share a  new program for teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in the elementary schools beginning this year.  Wonders is a comprehensive K-6 English Language Arts program designed to teach early learners foundational skills and to help develop their love of reading.  It is also designed to inspire older students utilizing great online and offline content, literature, and guidance to help prepare them for secondary education.              

Wonders is developed around the latest common core school standards and learning research to help each student succeed. Built on a foundation of current instructional best practices and understandings, the program spirals to return to skills again and again with growing rigor, and it integrates games that challenge and engage students.  Students can access independent work through the YSSD website. Students may read leveled texts, complete assignments that correspond with their texts, and practice with literacy-based games. The creators have taken purposeful strides toward informing and involving parents in their children’s literacy education by creating weekly parent letters.  For parents, a description of every book is available in addition to the weekly letters that share information about what each child is learning.

For online access:

Student Resources – Everyday Math & Wonders