Fall Athletes Earn Recognition

Submitted by Matt Marshall, Athletic Director

York Suburban had a number of outstanding performances by teams and individuals during the fall sports season. The cross country teams both finished second in District 3 with both Coach Dan VanHouwe and Coach Ron Herman named Coach of the Year. The boys team had a fantastic showing finishing 2nd in the PIAA Championships and the girls turned in an impressive 11th place finish.  Individually, Bryce Ohl finished 2nd in the (AA) PIAA Championships!

Girls volleyball and the golf team experienced outstanding regular seasons, finishing 2nd in their division . Girls volleyball made it to the semi-finals of the YAIAA Championships and earned a first  round victory in the District 3 Championships.

Highlighted below are the coaches and individuals recognized as all-stars by league, district, and PIAA Coaches, as well as the local media. We are also extremely proud of our boys soccer team for representing the district well and winning the YAIAA Sportsmanship Award. Congratulations to all athletes and coaches on the recognition of all your hard work!

York Suburban Fall All-Stars 2017-2018

“YS Athletics – 23 Sports, 1 Team”

Cross  Country  

Division II Boys

Bryce Ohl, Runner of the Year

Jarrett Raudensky, 1st Team

Josh Kerr, 1st Team

Coach of the Year, Ron Herman (YS)

PIAA – All-State (AA)

Bryce Ohl

Jarrett Raudensky

Division II Girls

Courney Ohl, 1st Team

Emma Trout, 1st Team

Zette Pflaum, 1st Team

Coach of the Year, Dan VanHouwe (YS)


Jake Taylor, 1st Team OLB

Marcos Valdes, 2nd Team ILB

Aliq Johnson, 2nd Team OG

TJ Hoover, 2nd Team TE               

Willie Batty, 2nd Team WR/HM Safety

Savion Harrison, 2nd Team RB & CB

Girls Volleyball

Chey Buckingham, 1st Team

Lauren Guyer, 1st Team

Ali Reinecker, 1st Team

Eryn McBride, 1st Team

PVCA District 3 Class AAA All-Star Team

Chey Buckingham, 1st Team

Ali Reinecker, 2nd Team


Chey Buckingham

Ali Reinecker

Field Hockey

Carder Miller, HM (GametimePA)

Carder Miller, 2nd Team (Coaches)

Rachel Peters , 2nd Team (Coaches)

Girls Soccer

Delaney Gross , 1st Team

Roma Williams, 1st Team

Boys Soccer

Nate Bowman, 2nd Team

Cody Willoughby, 2nd Team

YAIAA Division II Sportsmanship Awards

Boys Soccer