Five YSEF Board Members Retire

Submitted by Sarah Reinecker, YSEF Board President

Please join us in thanking these five outstanding board members who are finishing up their board terms at the end of this year!

Cathy Shaffer – In 2007, Cathy organized a York Suburban community feasibility team to discuss forming York Suburban Education Foundation (YSEF), then served as YSEF president from 2008-2014. Cathy’s contributions of time and resources to broaden the scope of district resources are deeply appreciated. A big thank you to Cathy for her dedicated service to do more for YS students in so many ways.

Mark Schmidt – As a founding board member, Mark led the team that structured the fund distribution grant making process, and served as fund distribution chairman from 2008-2014.

Laura Horowitz –Laura shared her talents as a professional writer by serving as chairman of the marketing committee and on the fund distribution committee.

Justin Leber – A 2001 YS graduate, Justin served as chairman of YSEF’s recently formed alumni committee.

Penny Ayers – As a local attorney, Penny chaired YSEF’s governance committee during her board tenure.

Thank you to these volunteers for their dedicated service to do more to impact YS education!